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Concord Brands are a unique products which builds the relationship among People.

Concord the name itself implies agreement or harmony between people or nations, a peaceful relations, a harmony between things, ideas etc.  Hence being a Garment industry, Concord Creations gives a message starting from our factory workers till the end buyers or customers that the products are produced with peaceful environment and a full naturalistic and creativity ideas which goes on and on and never ends.

Hence Concord creations builds every day latest designs and products which makes the buyers build  strong relationship with us.

We manufacture woven and knitted garments for men, women and children.
We also take partial orders like CM, Cut to Pack etc. as per the clients/customers requirements.
CONCORD CREATIONS is considered to be one of the prominent Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of Garments.
The products manufactured by us have been successful in the market due to their latest Designs, styles and qualitative elements. Our range has always been in accordance with the latest fashion trends in the market.


Our Prime motive is to manufacture products which assures the best quality to satisfy our customers in every angle and build relationship with the same quality.


Our Team are experienced professionals who not only work hard but give ideas to work in such a way that their goals are automatically reached.  Their way of work starts from the selection of raw materials, designing, processing, manufacturing till the end of shipment.  Their expertise not only creates good products, but more than that they build best relationship among team of workers and also between customers and suppliers.

The team will not only concentrate on the products alone, this website is also planned and created, even whenever new ideas crawls, the websites are amended to the latest trends. Our team with their broad vision, ideas and sense often creates varieties of  tools, applications etc.  which helps to make and keep the product the best.